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✌Takao Kazunari

Takao is a freshman at Shuutoku High, he is a very easy going guy who enjoys playing basketball and isn't just focused on winning or crushing the opponent that much. He is very positive and always tries to persuade Midorima into doing fun stuff. He also has a bad habit of laughing at someone because of their likes & habits etc., such as Midorima's shooting because of it being far too high in his opinion. He can get along with anyone, even their rival basketball teams. He has a lot of admiration towards his senpis even though his personality is very mischievous. Takao possesses the ability to make the people around him happy with his light hearted demeanour.

Takao often hangs out with Midorima in his spare time, as he is constantly seen driving Midorima around in a rickshaw-like cart attached to his bicycle. Although they always play paper-rock-scissors to determine who will drive the other, Midorima wins every time, he is seen with a wide smirk on his face most of the time, and frequently teases Midorima, who he likes to call 'Shin-chan', Midorima tells Takao not to call him 'Shin-chan', but Takao ignores this.

Takao is a very skilled basketball player, as he is a regular with Shuutoku, as a point guard, he is also skilled in dribbling and passing, and can change directions very quickly and pass a player with ease on the court. Takao possesses the "Hawk Eye", a mental skill superior even to Seirin's "Eagle Eye". The main difference between the "Hawk Eye" and the "Eagle Eye" is scope; the "Hawk Eye" has an even wider range of vision, allowing the player to see everything on the court without focusing on anything. Because of this, Takao can see the court from a different perspective. This way, he can determine the position of the player's immediately which allows him to make blind passes.

Takaos fun personality and love for basketball makes him a very appealing person to be around with his playful attitude and bright nature he is able to draws people to him, even with his wicked sense of humour!


✌Takao Kazunari Stats

  • School: Shuutoku High
  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: November 21st, Scorpio
  • Height: 176 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Blood Type: O
  • Position: Point Guard
  • Talent: Hawk's Eye
  • Jersey: #10