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Hyuuga Junpei & Kiyoshi Teppei

When first entering Seirin High School, Teppei wants to enter the basketball club. When walking in the hallway to deliver his application form, he runs into Hyuuga. Teppei asks him if he enjoys playing basketball and tells him that they are the same. Teppei suggests to Hyuuga that they should deliver the application form together. Hyuuga, has no intention of entering the basketball club, and tells Teppei that there isnít any basketball club in the school. Teppei brightly tells Hyuuga that they should make a basketball club together. Hyuuga refuses, saying that he quit basketball. When Hyuuga was in Junior High school, he was also in the basketball team Unfortunately, the team was very weak. Hyuuga was left with pain and trauma and decided to quit basketball when he got to High School (Seirin).

Teppei takes him to a street ball court and challenges him to a one-on-one. He says that if Hyuuga gets one basket in, he'll stop trying to get him on the team. Hyuuga is irritated and says to not look down on him. They begin playing, but Teppei dominates Hyuuga and blocks every shot. Hyuuga fails in scoring and Teppei tells him to let it go, that he was wrong to give up on basketball. He says that Hyuuga likes basketball, the same as himself. Teppei says that he too tasted despair after playing Teiko, but that in the end, he didn't give up. Hyuuga yells to stop and that he already knows that he loves basketball.

As the two of them come together with there strength and love of basketball the Seirin High team was born.

Teppei was later injured during a game and was hospitalised with a knee injury. Later Hyuuga discovers that he has only one good year left in him to play basketball, Teppei is left feeling broken and defeated. Hyuuga gives him the support and encouragement he needs to continue playing the game he loves, and making a promise to make them become the number one basketball team in Japan.

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