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Renai Houteishiki

This manga skips a few years ahead of the ending of Kodaka Kazuma's Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki... Now it's time for the kids to shine! It features all of our favourite couples from Kusatta plus some new ones!

Kanade Hagiwara and Meguru Inagaki are childhood friends, Kanade is one year younger than Meguru and was always a bit of a cry baby. So when Kanade suddenly kisses Meguru when they are older it comes as a bit of a shock to him, Having his first kiss! stolen by Kanade he becomes very confused about his feelings. Though Kanade has grown taller, and the girls make a big fuss over him and his looks calling him “the piano prince”, due to his love for playing the piano, Meguru has never really thought of him more than his childhood friend. As time goes by Meguru gets confessed to again by his senpai on the soccer team Kannami Koutarou, who he has always admired and looked up to. Confusing love for admiration he decides to go out with his senpai but bumps into Kanade with a girl from school. At first he doesn't realise that the feeling he felt at the time was jealousy over seeing Kanade with someone else, with the help of his sensei he finds out that he does like Kanade and there relationship begins.

Kannami Koutarou and Riku Manabe first met in primary school. Kannami taught Riku how to play soccer and a friendship developed, after getting into junior high with Kannami he followes him to the soccer club again. So when Kannami started to take an interest in Meguru, Riku begins to resent Meguru and becomes distant with Kannami. Feeling the tension between himself and Riku, Kannami tries to speak with him he tells Riku that he is gay and not to worry about being around him, Riku takes this as a rejection and runs away from Kannami. After that Riku bumps into Meguru and tells him that he has always liked Kannami and it is not just admiration like the way Meguru feels towards him. As Meguru finally realises his feelings he lets Kannami know that he cannot return his affections as he likes Kanade. Riku gets the courage to confess to Kannami at first Kannami feels that it might just be like what Meguru felt towards him and starts to lose confidence in himself, but then as time goes by he wants to find out the truth. One stormy day Riku gets caught in a heavy down pour and is soaked, Kannami sees this and invites him back to his place to get him out of his wet clothes. The pair both discuss there feelings and fears to each other, but in the end they start a loving and caring relationship.